Blackmagic Os 8.6 beta update… and here as usual they release the bombshells for :

  • Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
  • Pocket Cinema 6K
  • Pocket Cinema 6K G2
  • Pocket Cinema 6K Pro
  • Cinema Camera 6K
What is new ?
  • Adds support for using the camera as a webcam or UVC device.
  • Updates the media pool file browser
  • Adds support for deleting clips.
  • Adds uploading of clips to Blackmagic Cloud.
  • Adds direct upload to DaVinci Resolve projects.
  • Adds the ability to update and manage the camera via Ethernet.
  • Adds REST control APIs for remote control.
  • Adds support for secure login and certificate.
  • Adds support for network time protocol.
  • Adds support for web media manager.
  • Adds support for file transfer protocol.
  • Adds support for SMB file sharing.
  • Adds support for cell phone tethering for some models.
  • Improves reliability of gyroscope metadata.
  • Improves the reliability of USB-C drive detection.

In short, without being too intrusive, before NAB they start greasing us with some nice new features, which no one expected, but let’s try to understand well what the most important ones mean :

Support as a webcam or UVC device

It means that now you just connect the Pocket as USB C and it is seen directly as a computer webcam, without using external hardware, without using HDMI signal acquisition and thus simplifying the use of the camera as a webcam for everyone.
Although coming after other brands that during the pandemic resurrected this possibility (present on bridges such as Fuji since the early 2000s), Blackmagic has also updated its Operating System.

UPDATE Media pool file browser

We finally have an update to the clip browsing system that allows us to see all the clips on the media, regardless of codecs and recording settings.In the past it was only possible to see clips of the same type of codec or setting that were active, so if I had clips shot in Prores I couldn’t see them when I had set up recording in Blackmagic raw.

It provides the ability to do file uploads to Cloud and many other operations.

Unfortunately they also add the ability to delete clips, with the risks of media fragmentation, accidental deletions and all that.

The camera can be managed via Ethernet

While not a major revolution for many, the fact that it can be upgraded and managed via Ethernet unlocks an endless array of possibilities for remote control and beyond

tethering via cell phone

The camera becomes more mobile friendly with the ability to use cell phone tethering where a fast line is available

gyro update

several Gyro data updates to be even more reliable with both anamorphic and special lenses.

Improvements in usb-c disk support

As memories and Usb-c media controllers change, updates to the various protocols have been released.