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There is more energy in fans than in products…

_batmandeadend-1347726373In the last few months I am discovering a flood of small products, shorts, mediums and feature films made by fanfilms, that is fans of one or the other character of cinema, TV, comics.

The thing that impresses the most is the ability to create situations and greater tension than the films produced with millions of dollars…
We think of a product made a few years ago as StarWreck, with little money but a lot of passion, a parody of Star Trek made with such passion and with a very high quality.
Or I think of Batman Dead End, and Sandy Collora's World's finest.

ironsky property

Recently the same as StarWreck have made a more ambitious product, IronSky that is distributed in cinemas, and it probably cost as much as the cathering of one of the films of the big productions, but it is rich in special effects, history, and once so much… made by fans for fans…

Tonight I found a cute little product, and especially considering the low budget, done well, dedicated to a man who created and carried on many heroes, simple, human, but heroes, the real ones…

A fan film about DylanDog, dedicated toSergio Bonelli.
Look at him, it can give many ideas, such as the effort, the fatigue, the work of so many people leads to results, and not by little.

Collateral damage

It is curious how the animators, and all those who work on the computer, are among the least protected among the workers. Often you underestimate all aspects of health that are lacking in jobs such as Animation, Compositing, Programming and so on…

Those who spend several hours at the computer often underestimate aspects of sedentary, the wrong positions that are assumed for 10-14 hours a day, which in the long term affect the bone and joint structure. Not to mention the diet and what most of us drink while working on the computer, ruining as well as the weight also liver and stomach…

I started using a computer when I was 9 years old, it was a Commodore 64, with a TV as a monitor, about 50 cm from the eyes…
It's been 31 years since that day, over time I've changed so many computers, at least about thirty operating systems (yes, contrary to what most people believe, there are not only windows macs and linux, but there have been many others…).

There are things that have changed, for the worse… my health habits… Around the age of 15 I was training with weights every day, and at alternating times I resumed, but I often left long periods that weighed me down more and more… Recently I found a new passion in the running, thanks to the fact that I have a beautiful place to run, the coast that unites Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.

This passion also goes to moments, because I let myself be fooled by the fact that maybe I do a job, I finish something and then start again, but in the meantime time passes, and I put on weight…
When you're in your twenties it's one thing to take back, at thirty another, but this year I touch the figure of forty and so it's time to adjust, otherwise I risk turning a buoy that will become without return, the buoy of my belly…

The curious thing is that I like to train, run, so it may seem strange that I stop for these long periods, but I also admit to being a person who gets bored easily so either I can get distracted during these loosenings, or risk feeling bored and then stop training, even if maybe I've been training for 5 years, or I've started running for 8 months and I've already passed 600 km…

Why am I talking about this?

because I see so many friends, colleagues who work on the computer let go, and in the long term I see the effects on me, and then I would like to warn those who care about me, those who now start a career in these areas and could neglect themselves.
It is curious how doing two researches, I am not the first who has worried about this, but illustrious bloggers have reflected and written posts precisely on the health of those who work, especially in these areas and in free professionalism…

Normal people have health insurance, have mutual support, diseases related to the type of work that is done are recognized, but those who work on the computer are often exposed to disparate diseases, without being really recognized, and/or often managed as such.

Long hours at the computer lead to inflammations to different joints, especially shoulders, elbows, knees if the height of the chair and desk are not in the correct position; circulatory problems varied from the poor movement, accentuated if you are also smoking and eat badly and too fat; The carpal tunner syndrome is often accentuated by mouse with strange shapes, wrong shoulder position that makes the wrist strain.

What can be done?

Studying the Tomato Technique use your 5-minute break to move and streching, sign up for 30 minutes of sessions 3 times a week, but it will be enough to give you an idea of workout to avoid the laziness of not moving.
Avoiding drinking soft drinks on a computer, when the brain is distracted you tend to consume more sugars and junk foods, and especially by saturating the receptors of sweet/salty tastes you tend to exceed, more than you would need.
Drinking at least two liters of water a day during work, which has two advantages, keeps you hydrated and forces you to make a series of pee breaks that makes you move more often from your workstation.
Force yourself to eat healthily and have no snacks or other junk food available at the work station.
Reserve the weekend if you want to give yourself crazy joy.

Why do I suggest this?

Because I want to share with everyone not only the things I know, the tricks and my experiences, but also my mistakes, to prevent you from making the same mistakes as me.
Have a good workout.

Today we review : Hotel Transylvania

VampirellaToday we review Hotel Transylvania.


Delicious film, a good classic story: a love separated from diversity, the theme of the outsider most human of humans, all seasoned with so much and healthy irony…
Recommended for young and old.

The film was screened in 3D, although penalized by a reframing(1) that spoiled at times the effect of depth, but pleasant and well set in general.
Why am I talking about this movie? Well, it relates to the weight talk. Here the animation, which is not for visual effects, but to tell, is very well built and balanced.
The weight of each character is always felt and anyway, At no time do you notice something that does not work, yet it is total fantasy, elements without direct links with reality, but also flying witches, when they move, stop, start again, have the right weight, the right inertia, etc. etc.
In short, the film is animated by animators, they are not enchanted by motion capture, by the algorithms of muscle calculation, and all the rest of the cold technology… And yet everything works…

Sometimes you have to break away from the virtual world, and take a ride in the real world, to reproduce something really fantastic, because only the imagination, the skill of man, can make us really dream.

My dispassionate suggestion is… buy the bluray, it is a good edition and appreciate at every level this movie, the little ones will enjoy the story, the older will read higher levels of content in a very beautiful story. There are great deals for this bluray on Amazon.


(1) Framing is the creation of the frame, so how and where the camera is placed, the lens used etc.
Re-framing is the barbaric TV habit and recently in many cinemas where to fill the screen (it is not known by what sick need) in width, they scale the film by often cutting up and down. 

If this practice is already deleterious in 2D, in 3D often breaks some rules of the floating window, and then interrupts the illusion of extrusion of objects from the screen, bothering and often leading the viewer to malaise. 

In some films I found myself watching characters talking headless, because they cut a movie in 1.85 on a screen at 2.40, that is, you cut over and below almost a quarter of the total image… It was Ice Age 3 in the multiplexes, for example.

When it's too much…

One of the biggest modern problems is the excess of information… Wrong…

In a world where everyone has to have to have their say, they have to fill pages, blogs, wikipedia articles, and why not, print and online magazines, the biggest difficulty is discerning between correct information and fake information.

If until yesterday the "experts" or as Benni called them, the "technicians", were limited to bore friends at the bar, today the same wretched fill the web with distorted news, assumptions, "intuitions" on every field.

I have always been for free information and sharing of knowledge, but of the real one, not of people who speak well or badly of such a product, just for reported ideas, without having ever taken it in hand, tried or never even turned it on!

If once the web forced to have a minimum of competence to put its ideas online, today with the web 2.0 any ignorant is able to infect millions of people with their ignorance.

Wikipedia is one of the worst concentrations of ignorance in the world, although it is a basic idea, the lack of verification allows any ignorant to spread incorrect information, and the suffix -pedia has given a form of authority to this mass of uncontrolled information…

For several years now many people have replaced the concept (however incorrect) "it is written on books" declined in "was in the newspaper" and more recent "said the TV" with "it is written on wikipedia" for which reality becomes a manic distortion of the first information found (so the network and the speed of the search engine).

Out of laziness, because maybe we're all naive and we don't believe that there are people who are stupid enough to spread unverified or bad news that they spread bad news…

Well considering that according to some of these sources I'm writing to you from the afterlife or from countries I've never been to, isn't it bad, isn't it?

When we look for information on any topic the key to trust is the comparison, the verification of information finding a contrary voice. I know it may surprise you, but since many blogs are filled only to monetize with advertisements, finding the same news in different sources just means that they have made extensive use of copying and pasting.

Finding different points of view on information is a good place to start. A little critical sense helps us understand whether the information is valid or not. But in the end the experience and therefore direct verification is the only keystone that allows us to verify the information.

Browsing the web for over 20 years I realize how day after day search engines do small miracles in finding information in the sea of garbage that fills the web, so it is up to us to use the brain to discern what is gold and what is manure.

Good research

Everyday occasions

It is curious how every day the world offers us opportunities, despite many complaining that the world does not offer us, there are, and many… In a time of crisis it seems increasingly difficult to find work, find space for your ideas, find distribution for your own film…

Today I want to offer everyone who complains a cue:
Amazon studios: they offer 150,000 dollars a month for ideas, scripts, real and concrete projects…

considering how much time is wasted to surf the internet, how many thousands of pages are filled with stupidity, why not try to spend a tenth of the time writing a project and see if it's worth?

In Genoa it is said: the mogul is free, but it is not true…

the mogul, the low-voice complaint typical of Genoa, but that you can find in every region, corrodes, consumes day after day, becomes a habit of complaint without constructiveness, and you end up like the old men portrayed in the caricatures of the cartoons…
We complain for nothing, that is, we spend our time looking for reasons of complaint rather than trying to solve them. After reading the regulations I saw that anyone can participate and then it becomes interesting, who the more applies, the more it is recognized.

There are positions open to creators, to those who want to collaborate with projects already active as collaborators in the script, dialogues, storyboards and so on…

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