The Covid19 forced the world to accelerate so many procedures, forced the technology reticents to adapt, to learn what by laziness they avoided, unfortunately this created a thousand problems not only for those who were not ready, but also for those who were ready not to be equipped at home to manage connections for school, work etc.

Not everyone has a good webcam, and it’s useful to have it for both smartworking and OnLine lessons, but good webcams (according to specifications) cost hundreds of euros and often the video quality is not as amazing as they are described, while nowadays we all have in our pocket a discreet or great room in our Smartphone.

Going to the Kinoni website you can download the driver to use your smartphone as Webcam, after installing the connected app on your iPhone or on your Android. Without spending a penny you can use the free app to do the tests and if you see that it is the optimal solution you can as less than 10 euros buy the paid app with more control, resolution up to fullHD, use phone audio, etc.

From the site you download the driver Desktop

To test, you can use the free app IOS

To use all the features there is the full IOS 8.99 app

To test, you can use the free app Android

To use all the features there is the full android 5.99