Blackmagic Design is unstoppable, one disaster after another, after producing the Pocket 4k, machine with so many design flaws that it can not stay behind the sales, desired by everyone at a ridiculous price, after a year (the pocket 4k was announced in April 2018 and shipped in September 2018) today comes out with another dramatic announcement : Pocket 6k with S35 and EF attack!!!

Now there are only the specifications online on their site, but what you infer is very simple, they just want to make mistakes, the same limited features for a room of only 1300 euros in a larger sensor camera (s35) with an even more popular attack among filmakers and photographers (EF canon) and with more resolution (6k for the wishful and pixel peepers of the web , certainly not for reframing and stabilisation) for about 2500 euros or less than the competing cameras with footage in h264 in 4:2:0!!
! In the new firmware best dialogue with gimbal, external sync systems to have more rooms in action, more crop options and anamorphic shooting.

Let's end it here, it's better, otherwise they're going to be too ridiculous…

the ironic thing is that using the same machine body, same software, same braw … all the accessories and equipment available for the pocket4k can be reused, it will only be sensor upgrades and mount… and who would want such a thing?

Luckily they still put the usual 1200mAp batteries, which last only 40 minutes, do not last 5 hours of shooting like the batteries that mount on the c100 MkII which is only 7300mAp and that does not cost 70 euros but 400 euros…

I joke about it, and I admire their production and imaginative capabilities of this company that continues to amaze us with products of the highest quality at prices more than acceptable for every type of professional.

It's also ready as orders and shipments, and there are materials available in the new Braw6k

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