On July 16, 2020 Grant Petty, CEO and founder of Bmd presents a new camera that will revolutionize many paradigms, from here to the next few years.

Faced with a market saturated with products that is looking to 8k, the result of three years of development was presented: the Ursa Mini Pro 12k.

Immediately the fights between fanboys and haters of various factions started, from those who complain about the price (a price of a products that was presented by Petty as a product designed for the Hi-end market) to the fact that 12k doesn't needs, etc etc.

In all this fuss the real revolutions have been lost, developments that start from high-end, but which for sure will open new developments even to the cheapest rooms.

Blackmagic sensor

The camera has the first custom Blackmagic Design sensor with a structure without bayer matrix, therefore each pixel has three photoreceptors, each for a Green, Blue and Red plus White light.

This factor means that it is capable of:

    1. Sensor without matrix of Bayer = Bye bye Red Patent on the compressed raw
    2. Capture scaling WITHOUT crop, so the 12k sensor is able to generate a lower resolution braw file without pixel binning, but with the quality and aliasing of the original sensor.
      So the camera also records 4k and many other combinations of resolution.
    3. Resolution from 12k 60fps up to 220 fps in 4k raw (those looking for them had to go to Phantom, now they have an alternative).
    4. On such a high resolution even the highest ISO shots will be usable because the most obvious defects will disappear in downscaling.
Braw 2.0 and color science 5
    1. Newer Color Science 5 which improves the images which is backwards compatibility with the previous cameras with the Braw.
      It is possible to apply this Color Science 5 to other cameras, to shooting already made (beta of Resolve and the new Braw 2.0 already available).
    2. Braw 2.0 provides split recording on multiple media to overcome the recording limits of current media.
    3. Braw 2.0 adds new compression flavors such as 18: 1, Q1 and Q3, to optimize even more space and quality
    4. Braw 2.0 is so optimized that it allows the 12k stream even on very modest machines, and today the Braw is also available for non-Blackmagic Design machines such as C300 mkII, Eva1, Sigma FP.
    5. In the new Color science 5 the cameras have an equal log curve for each ISO, this means that it will be easier to create look LUTs that work more easily through different shots.

      Obviously this machine was born for the cinema and not for the independent, also because it is sold with PL attachment (cinema optics connection) and only on request is the attachment for EF.

      I would be curious to find and check in the specifications of the EF lenses which has the appropriate resolution for this resolution.
      The cost of the camera is not a problem considering that the ecosystem of lenses to rent will cost when the camera body.

      What I want to focus on is the iceberg behind the announcement where the developed technologies will bring blackmagic Design far ahead in the next few years.